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USB Dongle – Fashion Accessory?

You know USB dongles have become mainstream when operators start selling different color skins to go with them. H3G in Sweden (also called Tre) is positioning their mobile broadband as the “most stylish broadband” in addition to being the fastest!


Sign up for 3 mobile broadband for 18 months and receive any skin at no extra cost” according to their offer at 3’s website. What will they think of next?


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Deeper Dive into Mobile Broadband Growth in Austria

Austria shows that mobile broadband can be a significant threat to the old DSL-fixed line business. As shown in the Figure, the last three quarters for Mobilkom Austria have witnessed mobile broadband subscriptions exceed DSL subscriptions, thanks to a significant uptake in datacards / USB dongles and internet-enabled smart phones. The main driver for this increased mobile broadband usage is the emergence of new platforms as well as tariff structures that are becoming more attractive than fixed DSL offers. Continue reading


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Can Mobile Broadband Bite into Fixed Broadband?

Nielsen Mobile, a service of The Nielsen Company, reported that there were more than 13 million wireless data card users in the US as of Q2 2008. The interesting piece of information buried in the press release is that as many as 59 percent of the mobile data card users were willing to swap their current ISP for their broadband needs, indicating shaky loyalty and low switching costs for ISPs. This is not too surprising given that a USB dongle/modem/stick solution can address their mobile as well as fixed connectivity requirements.

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