About Ram Krishnan

Hi. I’m Ram Krishnan, founder and responsible for VidScale’s product strategy and business development. VidScale has developed MediaWarp, a software-only,  next-generation Carrier CDN and Transparent Caching solution. Prior to his current role, Ram was the co-founder and VP of Product Management for Movik Networks, a venture-funded startup focused on intelligent mobile content delivery and optimization solutions. He was responsible for defining and driving the product vision, requirements and roadmap, resulting in a significant design win from a Tier-1 mobile operator.

Previously, Ram worked briefly for the Bharti Airtel group, based out of India as the General Manager for the Messaging and USSD product lines. Prior to Bharti, Ram was responsible for Solutions Architecture and Business Development at Motorola Core Networks. He managed a global team which was responsible for solutions definition and marketing, pre-sales support and market development for Push-to-talk over cellular, VoIP, Fixed-Mobile Convergence solutions based on UMA and IMS-centric technologies. Prior to Motorola, Ram was the in-house QoS expert and led the team that architected, designed and implemented the end-to-end QoS subsystem for the Nexabit core router, which was acquired by Lucent Technologies for $900m.

Ram started his career at Motorola, where he worked on the cable data product and ATM switch architectures. Ram received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and a MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

My LinkedIn profile is at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/727/907

4 responses to “About Ram Krishnan

  1. Tony Johnson

    Hello Ram,

    Reading one of the entries in your blog regarding Femtocell – I’d like to make a direct contact to discuss it with you.

    Perhaps we could get in touch via e-mail ?

    Happy Thanksgiving !


  2. Likewise with your mobile broadband pricing in Europe article – if you could get in touch by email that would be great!


  3. Hi Ram,

    I’d love to write a guest post for your blog if you’re interested; I’ve got a few interesting ideas, can you drop me an email please?


  4. meir zushnov

    Hi Ram,
    I’m working on a product which needs to “talk” with the GGSN, for that, I’m looking for some information on the GGSN vendor market share – basically, i’m trying to understand who are the top vendors in the market and what is their share on the market.
    Any information or pointers would be appreciated

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