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Carnival of the Mobilists #174


It is once again my privilege to host the Carnival of the Mobilists – the week before the Memorial Day Weekend out here in the States.

Let’s roll: MobileSlate has a two-header. The first one wonders aloud about Twitter’s endgame and provides several useful application scenarios. The second post makes a case for FaceBook Connect to cater not only to iPhones but to the Billions of feature phones that people carry around in the developing world. I couldn’t agree more.

Geoff Ballinger has a post on Blyk that discusses the latter’s plans to evolve from an MVNO to partnering with MNOs to get access to the operator’s customer base. He presents the pros and cons of the strategy, but it sure looks like a lot of investor money to prove out their ad-based model.

Tam Hanna leads with a provocative title, “iPhone’s Demise” – the premise of with which I don’t quite agree. People buy iPhones because they are perfect platforms for media and entertainment – Veblen’s effect not withstanding!

Here is a post on mobile web application that lets you send ordinary SMS with enclosed files.

Steven Hoober has an interesting entry (complete with a video clip) on a fictional touch-screen internet connected tablet – it looks pretty cool, make sure you check it out!

Ajit Jaokar talks about the myth of mobile design using some well-known examples – he argues that many of the factors which constitute a truly excellent design are currently not in the control of the designer.

Finally, Mobile Point View’s Paul Ruppert interviews Lisa Gersh, President Strategic Initiatives, NBC Universal and Managing Director of The Weather Channel, where she discusses NBC Universal’s mobile corporate development initiatives.

Post of the week

Tomi Ahonen in his own inimitable fashion argues here that phone input is superior to that of a laptop – completely counter-intuitive that I was skeptical when I started reading the article. Tomi does make some good points – sound input, motion sensors, video capture etc. – are not all things we usually think of when discussing “inputs”. But a phone cannot beat (and Tomi agrees) a laptop when you are writing a long blog entry (for which Tomi acknowledges, he used a laptop).

Mobile 2.0 Europe Developer Day on June 18 in Barcelona – Mark your calendars

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