Carnival of the Mobilists #159


I haven’t blogged in a while so what could be a better way to get back than posting a summary of the best mobile blogs of the week from the mobile ‘A’ list bloggers and industry thought leaders. This is my first time as the host of the Carnival and it has been a fun experience. 

Let’s dig into it. 

Post of the Week

Don’t walk, run to read Ofir Leitner’s post on “Top 8 rules for mobile entrepreneurs” where he has penned a detailed and extremely valuable piece on what it takes to be successful in the mobile application space. One of the best posts I have read in a long time. Thanks, Ofir.

“Smart” Phones

Steve Litchfield discusses the two-device solution (iPhone Touch + Nokia N82) that fits all his mobile needs quite well but is still looking for the perfect one-box solution. A look at this chart shows that a iPhone housing a better camera with video capture and navigation capabilities may come close.

SMSisthenewblack injects a dose of reality into the current excitement around smartphones. Check out what he is complaining about!

Megapixel Microscopy – Another visual post from Steve Litchfield at Who needs cameras when phones can shoot pictures like these? Check out the quite amazing pictures shot by a camera-phone and find out what Megapixel Microscopy actually means!

Mobile phones to help in relieving traffic congestion! Read this post from Smart Mobs to find out how Nokia is experimenting with GPS-enabled phones to reduce traffic congestion in the Bay Area. 

Mobile Applications 

Antoine has an interesting post on how Contacts on Ovi from Nokia comes close to a good IM application on mobile. He also has some pretty nifty suggestions for the Ovi team to improve their offering. 

Tsahi Levent-Levi makes his case in Radvision blog that Skype, having conquered the PC world, has set its sights on the mobile and embedded consumer electronic device platforms – all alone. 

WIPJam discusses how the current excitement around mobile applications stemming from the success of Apple’s AppStore could quickly lead to confusion in customer’s minds and answers the question: Who would be the winner of the most important API of 2009?

Mobile 2.0

James from blogs on Mobamingle – an international version of the most successful mobile social network in Japan, which is doing $200m in revenue. According to James, Mobamingle heralds a new wave of Japanese mobile businesses expanding internationally.

Aaron Chua has an interesting post up on his blog on startup ideas for the mobile ebook reader. There are some pretty interesting ideas here on how to interact with the content you are reading on your ebook. 

Volker argues in his post that games do not really need to be connected to have a social component to them.

Mobile Broadband

Given my interest in mobile broadband, I am always on the lookout for new platforms and infrastructure that showcase innovative mobile broadband deployments. Martin describes exactly such a deployment – 2G/3G  repeaters in this case – in a spa nonetheless. I love ubiquitious mobile broadband but browsing in a spa?

Mobile Marketing blogs about how Anheuser-Busch has integrated a mobile website and SMS to connect with it’s prospects during the SuperBowl – the annual Bud Bowl now has a mobile component. Despite the hiccups with the video and the sign-in process, puts this superbowl mobile marketing campaign in the “win” column.

Sticking with the Super Bowl theme, mGive and the Mobile Giving Foundation are launching (would have launched by the time you read this post) mobile donation campaigns during Super Bowl XLIII on behalf  of United Way and the American Urological Association. 

Dennis Bournique at WAP Review interviews the CEO of mKhoj – a mobile ad network based out of India. Looks like Dennis uses mKhoj as a backfill for AdMob to increase his ad fill rate. I was surprised to find out that there is no noticeable increase in page load time. Check it out!

Mobile Extras

Barbara Ballard who has been involved in mobile design for ten years is kind enough to share her experiences with everyone through her Mobile Design podcast series – here is the first one in that series. 

This post is more social commentary than mobile : Tam Hanna looks at why researchers keep producing horror  stories about gamers and mobile phone users.

A fascinating post by Judy Breck that discusses how eighth-graders in 1900 learned much more in schools than kids today – she includes an eighth-grade test from 1895 (Saline County, Kansas). Come on, take the test and see how you score. You may be surprised!

Mobile Industry Events

Chetan Sharma summarizes the Pacific Wireless Northwest Summit he attended this month – I found his observation that the three dominant mobile operators in China are all planning to implement three different technologies – all better have a nationwide network! 

Rudy is inviting us all to CLUB MIX to attend the Mobile Sunday Barcelona event – on the eve of Mobile World Congress.  Looks like it is the place to be if you want to mingle with fellow mobile bloggers – Don’t miss it if you are going to attend MWC.  Register here for the event. Also, don’t forget to attend the MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards Event – the point of reference in mobile startup innovation. 

Hope you had as much fun reading this week’s best mobile blog posts as I had. 

Next week the carnival will be held at All About iPhone. Until then be safe!


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  8. mbace

    Interesting reads, and a lot of relevant topics.

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  10. I especially liked Ofir’s post and recommend it.

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  14. Hi,

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  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the article.

    Looks like Cloud computing would be the buzz word in the coming years…

    But what about the security?

    Is it a secured way of transporting/channeling the sensitive data to the data centers?


    Do we need to build wrappers on top of this cloud services using WCF ??

    It would be great, if you can spend few minutes to write something about the authentication/authorization mechanism embedded in Cloud computing.
    Great tutorial!! Thank you a lot!!

  16. Excellent news, I look forward to more of the HTML5 form stuff and especially its incorporation into JavaScript UI libraries. Except… how will web developers eat if they can’t charge for “Enter search term here” form enhancements 😉

  17. […] Google redefines disruption (via @Valuecruncher) – Fascinating read on Google’s mobile and mapping developments. […] 🙂

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