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Verizon Wireless DayPass – Xohm’s Selling Points Weaken!

One of the supposedly big selling points of Xohm – Sprint Nextel (now Clearwire) – WIMAX service was the availability of  flexible pricing models that does not tie the customer for an entire month. For example, it looks like they have a Daily On-the-Go service that provides 24 hours of continuous Internet service. They have a $5 per day  special offer that lasts until the end of the year (after which it goes back to its regular rate of $10 per day). 

3 in  UK has been offering Pay-As-You-Go pre-paid plans for a while now, though they are not strictly what you would call day plans.  Out here in the US, Verizon Wireless has upped the ante with its BroadbandAccess DayPass plan which allows you to experience the Internet continuously for 24 hours for $9.99 per day. 


According to the website, it can be used on select notebooks from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, and OQO, or with a Verizon Wireless USB modem or ExpressCard. Self-activation is possible and additional sessions can be purchased via the connection manager. 

There have been complaints that claim that Verizon forces you to sign up for their cell phone plans and it is really not that simple as the website makes it out to be. In any case, I hope that Verizon Wireless has fixed those issues for this is truly a product that will have an adverse impact on Sprint’s Xohm service.

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How Does 900MHz Spectrum Re-farming Impact the Femtocell Business Case?

I have not heard a lot of chatter on how the various 900MHz spectrum re-farming proposals impact the femtocell business case. The thought crossed my mind when I was reading the update to the UMTS900 Global Status Information Paper published by the GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association. This paper reports on network deployments, launches, trials, regulatory developments and devices availability.

GSA recently published an operator case study on Elisa, Finland showing significant cost and coverage benefits of deploying 3G services with UMTS900.  Elisa confirmed that 3G coverage with UMTS900 can save 50 – 70% of mobile network costs versus UMTS2100, for CapEx and OpEx. Elisa also indicated indoor coverage as another key benefit of UMTS900. Continue reading


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Femtocell Deployments – How Are They Doing?

While Europe is the center of all the femtocell mania, operators in the good old US of A are either quietly rolling out or planning actual deployments. As expected, most of these deployments are mainly to address the voice coverage problem like Sprint’s Airave product. According to an FCC filing, Verizon Wireless is all set to introduce the Samsung Ubicell (albeit in a new dark suit).


OK. How is the Airave product and service doing? It certainly looks like the product achieves its goal of improved voice coverage – its raison d’être! However, there are several complaints about the service, some of them appear pretty serious: Continue reading

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